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A collaborative project between the French startup Medeo and the Indian group Vishwakarma International

We develop a simple telemedicine tool that can be used by both patients and professionals which allows to connect examination devices. The data are then sent to encrypted and secured cloud server and can be immediately processed by a doctor.


In close collaboration with all the industry’s actors, we facilitate the practice of the connected health by taking new technological challenge.
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Connected devices

Health monitoring outside the hospital by connected medical devices.

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Personnalized care protocols

Preventive care or post-operative care protocol relating to pathology.

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Personnalize alarms in case of any deviation from normal.

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Integration data directly to the hospital’s informations system.

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Tools of Prevention

Therapeutical education for patients. Reminders about medicines or measures.

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Remote consultation

Video conferencing with the doc & suggest and book appointments at the hospital.

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Online ordering of medicines or connected devices through partners.

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Medical records

Medical history outside the hospital and doc visits history.

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